We compared the new Nokia 3310 to the original

Check it out! We got our hands on both versions of the iconic feature phone.

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Nokia launched a feature phone -- it barely has a browser -- and the internet went nuts. Part of that is because the original was such an iconic phone: simple, indestructible, easy. Now the 3310 is back and better than ever.

How much better?

We stumbled across an original 3310 handset -- all the way from the year 2000 -- and brought the two generations together. Family reunion! Almost?

Here are the big standouts from the new 3310:

  • It's slimmer, brighter and looks way more fragile.
  • The new screen is larger and displays color (those black-and-white days are over).
  • There's a camera! And a flashlight! You can MMS images!
  • There's an Opera browser. And an app store.
  • You can play games like Asphalt 6.
  • A microSD card can store images.
  • Battery life may last up to 22 hours and a month on standby mode.
  • Yes, it still has all the Nokia-ness you love: That unforgettable earworm of a ringtone, and Snake.

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