Next iPhone may swap Lightning port for USB-C, have three rear cameras

Apple's next iPhone is rumored to have a 3D rear camera powered by lasers.

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The next iPhone may have three rear cameras instead of two.

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The next iPhone may feature a handful of new hardware and tricks, particularly related to its camera setup, Bloomberg reports.

The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular and recognizable devices in the world. But after years of steady growth, Apple reported a disappointing fiscal first-quarter, and its iPhone sales of $52 billion is 15 percent lower than last year's. Adding compelling features to the successors of the iPhone XS, XS Plus and XR may push customers to upgrade their phones, increasing Apple's sales and pulling it up from this slump.

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According to Bloomberg, which cited people "familiar with the plans," the next iPhone may include three rear cameras, instead of the current two. The third camera will have a more powerful zoom, a higher resolution and a wider field of view than any camera on today's iPhones.

In addition, 2020 iPhones could have a rear 3D camera system. (Right now, the iPhones only have a front-facing 3D camera.) With this new update, the camera could sense distance and measure depth through lasers, improving the iPhone's handling of augmented-reality apps and features.

Apple is purportedly testing out iPhones with a USB-C port as well. Most iPhones are outfitted with Apple's proprietary Lightning port. To change from Lightning to USB-C would be a notable move for Apple, and would increase the iPhone's compatibility with third-party accessories and Android phones.

Other rumors reported by Bloomberg include:

  • Apple will release a lower-cost 10-inch iPad with a Lightning port.
  • Apple is planning to release a new version of its iPad Mini, which was last updated in 2015.
  • iOS13 will have a dark mode. 
  • iOS13 for iPads specifically will allow users to tap through multiple tabs in a single app (similar to multiple tabs in the Safari or Chrome web browser apps).
  • iOS 13 will include two new Apple subscription services to magazines and original video content.

Apple didn't immediately reply for a request to comment.

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