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New Pixel 4 leak shows off Face Unlock, 90Hz display

One of the leakiest phones in recent memory continues to share its details.

The Soli radar chip is just one part of the Pixel 4's front-facing array.

If it is a day that ends in "y" there is a good chance it will now feature a leak about Google's Pixel 4. After more shots of the phone's bezels were revealed Tuesday, and a promo video highlighting the phone's features was shown off on Monday, we now have further confirmation that Google's latest phone will have an improved 90Hz display as well more details on its facial recognition feature.

The leak, shared by Weibo user Fenibook earlier this week and spotted by 9to5Google, backs up rumors that the Pixel 4 will join OnePlus' 7 Pro (and OnePlus' soon-to-be-released cheaper model) with the improved display. By going to 90Hz, the Pixel 4 will have a faster refresh rate than most other smartphones which typically utilize a 60Hz rate. 

The result of the switch is a smoother experience when using the phone, especially when scrolling around or gaming. 

In addition to the refresh rate, the user shared an image of the Pixel 4's Face Unlock in action. The interface was in Chinese, but according to 9to5Google it seems to suggest that Google's new unlocking method will work even when wearing "light sunglasses." 

We still don't know how much the Pixel 4 will cost or when it will go on sale, but Google traditionally has launched its Pixels in October. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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