Latest Pixel 4 leaks show orange color option, video overview of features

"Hey Google, maybe just release the phone already?"

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More leaks continue to surround Google's upcoming Pixel 4. 


At a certain point, you have to wonder when the leaks around Google's Pixel 4 will stop. Google's already shown off the addition of multiple rear cameras and Project Soli-based gesture powers, while leaks have filled in the blanks of the full design of the phone and even a possible arrival at Sprint. With so much information already out there, you're probably not surprised to learn that Monday has brought some more Pixel 4 information. 

The first leak comes via Spanish tech site ProAndroid, which has apparently gotten its hands on a promotional video for the Pixel 4. The video, which looks like a TV ad, highlights the Pixel 4's new gesture controls, improved Assistant support and Night Sight camera. 

Meanwhile, a new leak out of Chinese social network Weibo (spotted by Ben Geskin) seems to show a new orange color option. Google has previously released Pixels in blue or "purple-ish" in addition to the regular black and white, but orange would be a first.


The Pixel 4 in its various color options. 


Google traditionally releases its new Pixel phones in October, so the wait for this phone's final reveal should hopefully only be a few more weeks. The search giant did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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