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More alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Active pictures surface

Leaked photos of the rumored Active version of Samsung's flagship phone line up with earlier videos and reports.

The latest "leak" of Samsung's Galaxy S5 Active. EV Leaks

You've seen the videos and read the report and now a flurry of alleged photos of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active point to its future existence.

Frequent Twitter tipster EV Leaks posted the images in the gallery below. While Samsung hasn't announced anything official and I can't account for the veracity of the photos, so far, the images seem to line up with what we've seen before.

Moreover, Samsung has set the precedent of a more rugged Galaxy S spinoff with last year's Galaxy S4 Active , which was water-resistant and let you take photos underwater through a specialized camera mode.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S5 is itself already water resistant, the S5 Active would have to rely on its more angular shape, raised navigational buttons, grippier materials, and customizable convenience key we're hearing about to make it stand out.

The camera capability and pricing would also be key. Although the video did say that the S5 Active sports the same 16-megapixel shooter as the Galaxy S5 original, last year's S4 Active model had slightly lower resolution camera (but still took nice photos) and wasn't significantly cheaper.

We're hearing that specs should line up with the Galaxy S5 as well, down to the phone's 1080p (or higher) HD AMOLED display and quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset.