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Samsung screen

Samsung hasn't announced the Active variant of its Galaxy S5 line yet, but there are plenty of photos and video floating around online to suggest an announcement is imminent. Here, Twitter tipster @evleaks shares a few more images that could wind up being this rumored phone.

Caption by / Photo by EV Leaks

This image shows the lock screen of a black handset with more angled corners, and with physical home buttons that rise from the surface.

Caption by / Photo by EV Leaks

As with the Galaxy S4 Active, this image points to a grippable, rubberized coating on the top and bottom of the device, and bolts on the back panel that could either be decorative or functional. The heart-rate monitor module is also present in this image.

Caption by / Photo by EV Leaks

You can see the line around the back where a gasket would help keep water away from the internals.

Caption by / Photo by EV Leaks

One last look, this time of one of the handset's purported screen.

Caption by / Photo by EV Leaks
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