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Mophie's new Powerstation Hub has built-in wall adapter, wireless charging

Fancy features don't come cheap.

Mophie's new Powerstation Hub offers plenty of ways to charge your devices. 

Mophie's got a new battery pack and it's not skimping on the ways to charge your phone. Called the Powerstation Hub, the new $100 6100 mAh portable battery loads up on outputs offering three USB ports (one USB-C, two full-size USB-A) and doubling as a wireless charging pad to charge up to four devices simultaneously. 

The new Hub can be recharged via USB-C or by plugging directly into the wall through its built-in AC prongs. 

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The USB-C port is rated for 18 watts input/output for fast charging, with one of the USB-A ports capable of 15-watt outputs and the other a slower 5-watts. Wireless charging is limited to a slower 5-watt charge. 

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All of this charging power, however, doesn't come cheap. At $100 Mophie's latest is significantly pricier than a number of simpler battery packs on Amazon that offer fewer features but more battery capacity. That price converts roughly to £80 and AU$145.

Mophie's latest Powerstation is available now.  

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