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Microsoft to replace Wunderlist app with To Do in May 2020

Wunderlist can either export your data to another platform or move it to the To Do app.

Thanks for everything, Wunderlist. 
Nate Ralph/CNET

Microsoft announced Monday that effective May 6, it's finally sunsetting the Wunderlist app that it acquired four years ago with the purchase of 6Wunderkinder. Two years ago, Microsoft built its own To Do list-making app, incorporating many of the features from Wunderlist.

Wunderlist will still be available in the meantime, and all user data will be accessible to export or import into To Do. But after May 6, Wunderlist to-dos will no longer sync. As of Monday, Wunderlist is no longer accepting new signups. 

When it first announced To Do, Microsoft said it planned to eventually retire Wunderlist. In a blog post Monday, Microsoft said that users' favorite features from the list-making app can still be found in To Do, like listing groups (folders), steps (subtasks) and file attachments, and sharing and task assignments.

"With all our latest updates, we're confident in To Do being the best alternative for Wunderlist now and so we believe it's the right time to make the next move. Now, we want to dedicate all our time to growing that cross-suite experience that transforms how you achieve your goals and dreams," Microsoft said Monday.

To Do was revamped in September to include a dark mode option. As with other to-do list apps, it also now syncs across Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and the web.

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