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Microsoft gives To Do app a Wunderlist makeover

After purchasing the maker of the popular Wunderlist app in 2015, Microsoft is finally redoing its own app.


Microsoft's To Do app is getting a Wunderlist-like makeover. 


Microsoft bought 6Wunderkinder in 2015, but it took until 2019 to give its own To Do app a full makeover. In a new redesign announced on Monday, the Windows maker is doing just that, updating its To Do apps with a host of changes to look more like the popular Wunderlist app. 

As part of the changes, the app now features a smaller header and more colors to give it "warmth and personalization" with users now getting the ability to "choose from a wide range of backgrounds" that includes Wunderlist's Berlin TV tower. Microsoft says it is also adding the ability to choose a "different background for every list."

Similar to the rest of its Office line, Microsoft is also giving To Do a dark mode option and as with other to-do list apps, it syncs across Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and the web. 

Microsoft initially said it planned to shut down Wunderlist after the acquisition of its parent company, but as ZDNet notes, that still hasn't happened yet with no date given for when it might.