Microsoft adds dark mode to Outlook on mobile, Office on web

Dark mode all the things.

Eli Blumenthal Senior Editor
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Eli Blumenthal

Microsoft is bringing Dark mode to mobile devices, starting with Outlook on iOS and Android. 


Dark mode has taken its time to arrive, but in 2019 it finally seems to be catching on. The latest to join the fun: Microsoft , which finally brought the new color option to more of it its Office suite of apps. 

After first giving desktop users the option in Office 2010, mobile versions of Outlook on iOS and Android will begin receiving updates starting Wednesday that allow for the new color scheme. The company will be extending the option to Office.com on Wednesday as well. 

With iOS 13 bringing a system-wide dark mode to iPhones , and iPadOS bringing it to the iPad , Microsoft's Jon Friedman writes in a blog post that the company will "extend this rollout to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneDrive , Planner and To-Do on mobile" with the launch of Apple's new mobile software. The company also says that dark mode will come to Planner and OneDrive on the web in the future, but it doesn't promise a release window. 

Beyond being aesthetically pleasing to some, Microsoft also says that dark mode "may also save battery life when you're traveling or on the go for long stretches of time," with Outlook for Android now automatically switching to the new mode when your device is on Battery Saver.