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LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile now for Andriod--but why?

Does LogMeIn's development for Google Android mean it's already being tapped as the next corporate phone?

Added more details 2/12/09 at 10:15 AM PT.

LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile on Android

Few see Google Android in its current state as a serious platform for business users. Like the iPhone, it launched without support for the Microsoft Exchange, so there's no native support for syncing to your Outlook calendar and contacts. Android also lacked a lot of native productivity tools to edit online and attached documents, a key collaboration requirement.

Yet this week, LogMeIn announced a version of its remote maintenance software for corporate IT teams and carriers that can support the Android platform. LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile downloads a small application on the employee's company phone. If the phone breaks or otherwise misbehaves, administrators in the office can attempt to diagnose and repair the software while the employee is on the road.

We've seen LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile demoed on a Symbian phone and it looked pretty useful for companies with a sizable mobile workforce. While the product makes a lot of sense for companies handing out corporate BlackBerry, Symbian, or Windows Mobile smartphones, we would have developed for the Palm (in anticipation of the forthcoming Palm Pre) or iPhone first, and would have waited for Android to pick up functionality and traction, not to mention some real corporate street cred.

Of course, stories are creeping up about new Android-run devices in the works. Or maybe LogMeIn is banking on Google fine-tuning Android into the kind of secure, tool-laden device that can steal business users away from BlackBerry and the rest.

Either way, it may be that the majority of LogMeIn's Android beneficiaries won't have their corporate IT administrators at all. Carriers, too, could purchase LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile to help subscribers fix their phones remotely.

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