LG V30's dual cameras take a tip from DSLR cameras

The V30 will use a glass lens and let in 25 percent more light, LG announced.

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LG has already confirmed that the top-end LG V30 is launching August 31, and the teases don't stop there. The phonemaker is crowing about the dual camera, which it says will take much better low-light photos and video than the competition.

The V30's camera will let in 25 percent more light, according to LG, thanks to a new glass lens and bigger aperture. Other photo features include laser autofocus and image stabilization.

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LG claims that its new glass lens will make your nature shots even more colorful and nature-y.


The LG V series is the company's most premium line of phones, and this third iteration will have to battle Samsung 's likely dual-camera Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 8 . LG hopes that introducing the first camera to have both an F1.6 aperture camera and a glass lens will move the needle in its favor.

Light is arguably the most important ingredient in good photography, and the difference between nighttime photos looking defined and looking like indiscernible, dark blobs.

In order to do this, LG changed the camera's aperture. Moving from the standard F1.8 aperture camera found in other smartphones to a larger F1.6 aperture lens means the V30 will let in 25 percent more light, LG said.

The V30's new glass lens will also help you snap better pics. Typically phones use plastic lenses in their cameras, but the composition of glass changes the way light reflects and refracts through the lens. LG says this will improve the camera's ability to reproduce colors. Glass lenses are usually found in DSLR cameras.

We're eager to put LG's claims to the test once the V30 is released to see if the camera is all it's hyped up to be.

LG will unveil the V30 just a few days after Samsung announces its Galaxy Note 8, and with other flagship phones (like the next Google Pixel or next iPhone), LG will need to make sure the V30 is a hit if it's expected to stand out among the competition.