LG V30 likely launching next month at IFA 2017

The latest phone in LG’s premium V-series is expected to be announced in August in Berlin.

Lynn La Senior Editor / Reviews - Phones
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Lynn La

It looks like LG is readying itself to reveal its next big phone. The company sent out save-the-dates for August 31 in Berlin, with an image that outlines a sleek and glowing letter V.

This would be a not-so-subtle nod to LG's series of premium V-series phones; the new phone is expected to be called the V30. Judging by the late August date, the device will be revealed during the IFA 2017 tech show in Berlin, which kicks off on September 1.

Although the G6 is LG's flagship, the company's V series lineup can sometimes be the more interesting. Phones like the V20 and V10 pack higher-end features (and therefore a higher price tag). 

The V series is also known for its secondary display that runs along atop the main screen. Rumors about the upcoming V30, however, speculate that the new iteration would lose this second screen

Instead, LG may go with a curved edge-to-edge screen similar to the one on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Aside from the save-the-date, not much else is officially known about the V30. CNET will be on the ground reporting from IFA 2017 though, so check back for more updates.