LG rumors for Nexus phone pricing, G4 Pro launch date pile up

If recent rumors prove accurate, the last few months of 2015 could give way to two new high-end smartphones from LG.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
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The LG Nexus 5 will soon celebrate its second birthday. James Martin/CNET

New details have bubbled to the surface for two LG smartphones rumored to debut in the coming weeks: pricing for the forthcoming, LG-made Nexus phone and a Pro version of the current LG G4 flagship phone.

Assuming both the Nexus 5X, as it's being called, and the G4 Note/Pro launch in the coming weeks, LG could be setting itself up for a more active end to the calendar year than in the past, giving it potentially two flagship phones for the busy and often lucrative holiday season.

As the rumors go, first out of the gate will be LG's take on the Google-branded Nexus handset; LG's last contribution to this family was the Nexus 5 . Expected to debut on September 29 at an event in San Francisco, this will be the first mobile phone to run an Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google's name for the company's software operating system for phones and tablets. Handset makers usually add their own software features and visual flourishes, but the Nexus line is known for being "pure" and unadorned.

If the source cited by tech blog Android Authority is correct, the Nexus 5X will cost $400 for the 16GB model (which converts to £262 and AU$507) and $450 for the larger, 32GB version (that's about £295 and AU$641).

While this would be slightly more expensive than the current Nexus 5, it's still considerably cheaper than most top-tier handsets. By contrast, Samsung's current standard bearer, the Galaxy S6 , costs upwards of $650 (£426 or about AU$926).

Looking further down the road, LG is purportedly readying a sibling to the G4 for October 10. Allegedly, this one could be called either the G4 Note or the G4 Pro. This model may vary from the current G4 with an improved rear camera with two lenses for better depth perception.

The two new devices would speak to different demographics. Android purists will no doubt gravitate toward the unlocked Nexus experience while carriers could potentially offer a souped-up G4 with their respective service plans.

LG did not immediately respond to a request for comment.