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LG G6 phone officially bezel-less, Feb. 26 launch invite confirms

Hours after announcing the name of its bezel-less display, LG sets the date and time of its Barcelona event.

Phones with bezels are so 2016.

And LG's official invite for the unveiling of its LG G6 marquee phone later this month proves it. The electronics giant all but made it official earlier Monday when it announced that the G6 would get a 5.7-inch display with a 2,880x1,440 resolution and a 18:9 screen ratio called Full Vision. Now, LG's invitation for the February 26 unveiling reinforces the G6's all-screen, bezel-less reality in words, imagery and not-so-subtle clues.


Words: "Big screen that fits." These are the words dancing across the top of the invitation. A large screen on a device small enough to fit into your hand. You only get that if there's not a lot of leftover space bulking out the phone.

Imagery: The screen, left, fits perfectly into the handset, shown sketched on the right. And that outline of the handset fits into the hand, indicating almost no border between the screen and the rest of the phone.

Not-so-subtle clues: Grids and dashes everywhere! The drafting paper, ruled measurement lines and circles all echo the same theme of measurement. If you weren't catching the drift that the G6 will have that particular aspect ratio, you do now. But the clincher? That blank blue bar along the bottom of the invitation, as if the graph paper's been lopped off by a paper cutter. Like the bezel has been chopped off in this phone.

What are those other lines? See those three parallel diagonal lines slashing their way through the "phone"? I think they represent the G6 rotated at an angle in the hand, maybe to highlight how well it fits there.

Bezel-less is, like, totally in right now: LG will kick off the bezel-less phone craze for 2017, likely to be followed by Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. But Xiaomi got the jump on both in late 2016 when it sold its gorgeous, bezel-less Mi Mix in limited quantities. It'll be interesting to see how LG and others can tackle some of the Mi Mix's thornier issues.

LG's event takes place at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. CNET will be on the ground, covering the G6 kick off live. Tune in!

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