Lenovo Z5 all-screen phone reveal set for June 5

Another Weibo teaser from the company has us counting the minutes.

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Update, June 5: The Lenovo Z5 has been officially announced -- and it has a notch after all.

It won't be long now. 

Lenovo posted another teaser to its Weibo page for its upcoming flagship phone, the Z5, letting the world know it will launch on June 5.

The company's VP Chang Cheng shared images of the device earlier in May showing off the phone's all-screen design that forgoes the notch found on competing Android devices and Apple's iPhone X. 

Without the notch, designers are challenged to find other ways of dealing with placement of a front-facing camera and sensors. Cheng's post claims "four technological breakthroughs" and "18 patented technologies" were part of the Z5's creation, which presumably help get around this design roadblock. 

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