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Joby adds nifty MagSafe accessories to its iPhone tripod line

The new Joby GripTight for MagSafe accessories are available now starting at $15.

Joby GripTight system for MagSafe.
David Carnoy/CNET

Apple's MagSafe feature allows you to add magnetized accessories to the back of your iPhone 12 or MagSafe-enabled case. Several MagSafe accessories have hit the market in recent months, but only some, like the new Joby GripTight system for MagSafe, are truly useful.

Joby makes bendable tripods for cameras and smartphones and its products are a staple of vloggers and other content creators. Sometimes it's a little cumbersome to get your phone out of their clamping mounts, which is what's appealing about the company's new MagSafe options. You can simply stick your phone to the mount; it adheres magnetically.

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My iPhone 12 Pro stuck pretty securely to the GripTight mount. I was testing it with an Otterbox MagSafe-enabled case, so I wasn't really worried about the phone getting jostled and falling off the mount. But if you want a more secure fit, you have the option of using the "hybrid" clamp to really lock your phone onto the mount. The clamp works in both vertical and horizontal modes and when you're going the magnetic route only, you can easily swivel your phone into a horizontal or vertical position.

Joby is currently selling three GripTight for MagSafe accessories. There's a simple wall-mount option, a GripTight Mount for MagSafe that can be added to any GorillaPod (or tripod for that matter), as well as a bundle that includes a GorillaPod and GripTight Mount (arms for the GorillaPod are sold separately). All three new MagSafe options are also compatible with Joby's Wavo Mobile, Beamo Mini and RangePod accessories.