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iWatch could control your home as well as your phone

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is a second screen for your phone, but the hotly-rumoured iWatch could be a second screen for your house.

The Apple iWatch could be a remote control for your home as well as your iPhone. Where the Samsung Galaxy Gear and other smart watches are second screens for your phone, the hotly-rumoured iWatch could go further than that, acting as a second screen for your house.

Industry analyst Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald claims an Apple supplier told him the iWatch would be a remote control for your home, controlling heating and cooling, switching lights on and off, and taking charge of your music and films from wherever you are.

That's a lot to take on in a screen measuring just an inch or two across, which means the interface could be the deciding factor in the iWatch's success. As for the physical design, with Samsung and LG unveiling the flex-screened Samsung Galaxy Round and LG Z, a curved screen like the one in the fan-made mock-up above is increasingly on the cards.

Wearable technology is all the rage these days, with Microsoft, Nokia and Google said to be working on wrist-worn gadgets, while Sony is already on its third generation of high-tech timepiece with the Sony SmartWatch 2. Features of this new generation of smart watches include showing you notifications, controlling music and even making calls without having to pull your phone from your pocket.

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The iWatch is likely to be a long way off yet, and probably won't be the surprise up Apple's sleeve at the 22 October announcement where the new iPad is set to take a bow.

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Image credit: Yanko Design