Check out the iPhone X's smooth app-switching

These iPhone X videos are the next best thing to seeing the phone in person.

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With the release of the iPhone X just around the corner, we're starting to see more pictures and videos of the device in the wild. Some of them simply show off the iPhone's original design, while others showcase brand new features.

This video falls into that second category. An early iPhone X video on Imgur shows off the phone's new app-switching function, which you can see here:

The brand-new iPhone X marks the first iPhone to come without a dedicated home button. App-switching replaces one of the home button's jobs, to call up a list of your recent apps so you can re-open one. The video shows the iPhone X's ability to switch between apps by putting your thumb on the bottom of the iPhone's screen and then moving it from one side to the other in a small arcing motion. The transition between apps look pretty smooth.

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This represents a radical design change for Apple, and it's too soon to say if phone buyers will fully embrace the changes. Along with removing the fingerprint reader, Apple has also added the controversial Face ID, which shifts the way buyers can biometrically log in without tapping in a pin. 

Another hands-on video of the iPhone X appeared online this week by the daughter of an Apple employee. It more generally shows off the iPhone X's hardware and software:

While the new design and features give the iPhone X some update appeal, it's hard to know what they'll be like before the release. A recent Bloomberg report claims that Apple eased its accuracy standards of Face ID in order to speed up bottlenecked production. However, Apple was quick to defend its tech.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

iPhone X preorders go live Friday Oct. 27. For more info on the phone be sure to check out CNET's hands-on.

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