How to preorder the iPhone X, starting Oct. 27

It's going to take a bit of luck to score one, but with these tips, the scale should tilt in your favor.

Jason Cipriani
Jason Cipriani
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Jason Cipriani
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It seems like an eternity since Apple announced the biggest change to the iPhone 's design we've ever seen. Some of the iPhone X's most striking features include its large screen, no home button, and fancy facial recognition. 

It's awesome, but there's one problem: the iPhone X is probably going to be hard to find for awhile and preordering one will require some strategy. One analyst claims Apple is only able to manufacturer 10,000 iPhone Xs per day, which, if you consider Apple usually sells several million iPhones over a launch weekend, isn't a lot. 

iPhone X preorder date

Preorders for the iPhone X begin Oct. 27. Preorders typically start around 3 a.m. ET. Deliveries are expected to arrive on Nov. 3, as well as in-store availability. 

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iPhone X pricing

Be ready to pay a lot for the iPhone X. The base 64 GB model is priced at $999, £999 or AU$1,579, with the 256GB model priced at $1,149, £1,149 or AU$1,829. Yeah, not cheap at all. 

Monthly payment plans from carriers are available, ranging from $49 to $56 for Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program which includes AppleCare+ for the 256GB model. 

Use the Apple Store app

By far the quickest way to preorder an iPhone over the past few years has been the Apple Store iOS app. With just a few taps you can complete the order and go back to bed. If the idea of using an app makes you nervous, it's OK! We have six tips to give you the best possible chance of completing a successful preorder.

Once the preorders commence on Oct. 27, launch the app (you may need to force close it beforehand to ensure it reloads properly), and order as you normally would. The app will also allow you to use your carrier's upgrade or payment plan, without forcing you to your carrier's website. It's all done in the Apple Store app. 

Apple website

What was once a website sure to crash under the demand, the Apple Store website has been reliable the past couple of years. Start mashing the refresh button a few minutes before preorder time to get in as soon as possible. 

Your carrier's website

With all major carriers offering the iPhone X, you can always try your carrier's website. It's a good idea to log into your account a little bit before the preorder goes live, and double-check that your payment information is current.  


Target will offer the iPhone X, with the current page listing stating preorders open on Oct. 27, as expected. Best Buy also has a preorder page posted, but it's unclear if it will take preorders or if it's meant for general availability on Nov. 3. 

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