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iPhone SE parody commercial says what everyone's thinking

The iPhone SE may have today's technology in it, but its size makes it a blast from the past.

SE parody
Inspired by 2012.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Apple parody commercials have a long and proud tradition.

Often these fake ads feature a talking head against a white background making absurd claims about new gadget releases. Smartphone maker HTC released a knock-off ad making fun of Apple's famous "1984" commercial. Even furniture juggernaut IKEA got in on the action with an Apple-style ad for its new catalog in 2014.

YouTube channel jacksfilms joined in on the fun in a timely manner by releasing an iPhone SE parody commercial on Monday, hot on the heels of Apple's big iPhone and iPad Pro event.

While we spent time speculating on the meaning of the "SE" designation, jacksfilms just pronounces it like "say" and moves on.

The parody calls out the retro nature of the 4-inch screen size, dating it back to 2012. Nothing is spared as the even the color schemes get a ribbing. Now available in "Castle Black" for all you "Game of Thrones" fans.

Remember Apple's "Live Photos?" That's okay. Even if you forgot, they're still there on the SE.

Most of the mocking in the parody ad is reserved for the smaller screen size. Here's the narrator's kicker: "It's the time-traveling iPhone SE, a phone from three years ago starting at $400. We are so sorry, Steve."