iPhone SE 2 may be an updated iPhone 7

Specs for a new phone that sounds awfully like the iPhone 7 surfaced in Apple's XCode developer tool.

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In the section of Apple's XCode developer software, which provides the information software uses to target the capabilities of specific devices, three unnamed "iPhone xx" models sit among the legion of existing products. (And no, that's likely not the real name.) One of them has specs that sound remarkably like the current iPhone 7's, making it a possible replacement when Apple finally announces the new models in September.

As tweeted by Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac, the specs for the model include an A10 processor and P3-gamut display, but no notch or Face ID which distinguishes it as an existing body. That's the same processor in the iPhone 7 models; the current, iPhone 8 generation incorporates an A11. The of the phones he listed sound like what we've heard about the brand new models, including OLED screens on the flagship and a model with an LCD screen that's thought to be a cheaper model.

We reached out to Apple for comment, but didn't immediately hear back.

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