iPhone 5S on 10 September but no new iPads, report says

The revamped iPad and iPad mini will be arriving later in the year, Bloomberg claims.

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Luke Westaway
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Those hoping to see a new version of the iPad within the month will have to wait a tad longer, as a new report says Apple is holding back revamped versions of its new tablets.

The new iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5S, will be shown off on 10 September, Bloomberg reports, citing "a person with knowledge" of Apple's plans. But it goes on to say the revamped iPad and iPad mini won't be unveiled until later in the year.

While we're keen to see what Apple's cooked up for its next slates, staggering the announcements could make sense -- Tim Cook and pals won't want the mind-bending hysteria of a new iPhone announcement to overshadow any changes made to the iPad.

The report reckons later on we'll see Apple lift the lid on a thinner version of the current full-size iPad, and an iPad mini with a retina display.

That seems to contradict previous rumours that the retina-equipped iPad mini won't make an appearance this year, with the Wall Street Journal previously reporting that mass production of the high-res tablet wouldn't be kicking off until the last three months of the year.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

For now, it's all up in the air. Little is known about the next iPhone, though expect it to be more powerful than the current model, while leaked components hint that it might just come in gold. One persistent but outlandish rumour points to a fingerprint scanner.

Apple is also expected to debut a cheaper version of the iPhone, tipped to be called the iPhone 5C and come in a range of bright colours, including this tasteful lime green offering.

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