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iPhone 5S to come in gold, leaked component pics hint

New pictures purportedly showing the next iPhone's insides suggest a gold colour option.

Apple may be plotting a golden-hued addition to its gadget family, if fresh pics purporting to show the next iPhone's innards are to be believed.

The snap above, spied by French site, appears to have come out of Chinese site iColorOS, and seem to compare components from the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the much-anticipated iPhone 5S, which is expected to debut this autumn.

The image -- one of several that purportedly show new bits and bobs from the next iPhone -- includes a bronze-coloured SIM-tray, as well as similarly tinted volume, mute and lock buttons, hinting that Apple will break away from its strict black-and-white-only tradition with its next smart phone. The bronze-toned tray matches leaked snaps published by BGR several weeks ago.

We've no way of knowing for sure whether Apple is really plotting a bronzed version of its new mobile, with the Californian company remaining famously tight-lipped on the subject of new tech.

The photos may be genuine (Apple tech frequently leaks ahead of time), but the picture above could easily be a clever fake, or show components from some dodgy knock-off phone. As such, you'd be wise to take the above snap with a pinch or two of salt until we hear something more concrete.

Gold may seem a little gauche for the famously stark, minimalist Apple, but opening up the iPhone to some new colour options may help to broaden its appeal.

One report claims we'll get our first glimpse at the next iPhone before the end of the month, though I'd be surprised -- traditionally Apple reveals a new version in the autumn, and boss Tim Cook has said not to expect any new hardware before then.

Would you buy a golden-hued iPhone? Or should Apple stick to black and white? Stick your colourful thoughts in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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