iPhone 5S joined by iPhone Light in leaked blueprints

Leaked blueprints suggest that the hotly-rumoured iPhone 5S will be joined by a cheaper iPhone Light.

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Richard Trenholm
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The next iPhone is coming to light up your life -- or rather, the next two iPhones. Leaked blueprints suggest that the hotly rumoured iPhone 5S will be joined by a cheaper iPhone Light.

If the blueprints posted by AppleInsider are the real McCoy, the iPhone Light has curved edges but a flat back, while the 5S looks just like the current model, the iPhone 5.

The two phones are the same size, the screen measuring 4 inches, but the cheaper Light model is very, very slightly thicker. Not enough to notice, though: the 5S measures 7.7mm and the Light 8.5mm.

Another difference in the purported blueprints is the flash for the camera, which is a different shape on each phone. A round flash opening on the back of the Light suggests a single LED flash, like on present iPhones. But the 5S, the flash-hole is pill-shaped, reminding of rumours that it will boast a dual-LED flash.

Apart from those small differences, these blueprints suggest it's business as usual for both phones. Following on from leaked photos that suggest the iPhone 5S will be identical to the current model, the blueprints show the familiar round home button beneath the screen and FaceTime camera for video chat on the front. Around the edges are the lock button, volume controls, headphone jack and speakers, as always.

Both phones use a Lightning dock connector.

The Light is expected to come clad in a rainbow of colours, a first for the iPhone. Other previous rumours have suggested the next generation of iPhone could come in various sizes.

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