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iPhone 5C cases face one to two week delay

You might get your shiny new iPhone 5C on launch day, but you'll have to wait for your case.

The iPhone 5C is up for pre-order now, to be delivered on 20 September -- that's Friday. But you'll have to wait a little longer for your case to arrive.

On the Apple site, cases for the 5C are listed as being dispatched in one to two weeks, so anyone hoping to get their hands on one on launch day will be disappointed. Oh well.

The case for the iPhone 5S still looks on for release on 20 September.

If you don't trust yourself, and think you might damage your shiny new handset even after the case has arrived, you can always sign up for AppleCare+, which is like a warranty. Shell out £79, and if the unthinkable happens and you break your phone, you can get it fixed for £55. Or if you've managed to send it to the great mobile shop in the sky, Apple will replace your handset, again for the same fee.

The iPhone 5C is the most colourful mobile Apple has ever made, coming in a Nokia Lumia-esque range of bright colours. Its case comes in the same five hues, so you can mix and match to your style. It's not quite as bargainous as we were hoping though, costing £469 SIM-free. Though you can get it for just £30 on a contract from O2.

The iPhone 5S also launches on Friday. It's Apple's new flagship, and features a fingerprint scanner which should make the device more secure. You'll also be able to buy things from iTunes by just touching it, instead of having to enter your Apple passcode each time.

Are you annoyed the 5C case won't ship on launch day? What do you think of Apple's latest iPhones? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.