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iPhone 5 delayed? iPhone 4S 10m+ on time

Two new iPhones are incoming, goes the rumour. The iPhone 5 will be delayed, while the budget version is rolling out in big numbers.

iPhone 5 rumour update number 7,268. The latest entry to this already bulging tome says there are two new iPhones coming, which is nothing new in itself, but the big news is the iPhone 5 is delayed. That's right, delayed. Which, if true, is going to be very annoying to those of us eager to get our mitts on one.

A couple of days ago we brought you news that the iPhone 5 will have a new tapered design, thanks to a slip-up from a case maker's website. Now 9to5 Mac is reporting the iPhone 5 will indeed look like this, while the budget version (nicknamed the iPhone 4S) will resemble the existing model. And the bad news is the iPhone 5 is delayed.

There are continued design and production delays with the iPhone 5, a source told the blog, meaning it won't make its early- to mid-October release. (Though that date is still a rumour, as Apple's staying typically tight-lipped on everything iPhone 5.)

But it's not all bad news. The iPhone 4-a-like is rolling off the production line, with Apple expecting to have over 10 million of the devices ready for launch. The rumoured announcement day is 7 October, which would tally with what's already been said.

Could the iPhone 5 be delayed? Apple is notoriously perfectionist with its design, and it's certain to want to avoid the antenna farrago that plagued the iPhone 4's launch. But we've consistantly heard of an early- to mid-October release, so maybe it'll only slip a week or so. Still, this could spell shortages as we approach Christmas.

We'll chuck them on the iPhone 5 rumour pile with the others. You know, the ones about it having a bigger screen, an 8-megapixel camera and all-new tapered design. Stay tuned.