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iPhone 5 pictured on case website? Shows new design

A case manufacturer has pictured what appears to be the iPhone 5 on its website. Could this be the first look at Apple's next handset?

Ooh the big tease. A picture from the iPhone 5's camera has already leaked, now the handset itself might have just give us a cheeky flash, courtesy of a case maker's website. But you had to be quick to catch it.

This is from a screengrab from Case-Mate's website, on a page for an iPhone 5 case. And you know what's telling? Case-Mate yanked the page pretty soon after it went live, hinting to us this could be a genuine slip.

The page was labelled iPhone 5 Barely There Brushed Aluminum Cases and purported to show the back of the forthcoming Apple device. Not much of the device was actually revealed — if it was the iPhone 5 and not a render — but it does appear to have a new body shape, if the images are correct. It appears to have a slim profile and tapered edges, as opposed to the iPhone 4's design. Back in July, another case maker leaked what looked like a radically different design from the iPhone 4, so these would square with that. Hmm.

"The focal point of the iPhone 5 case is the striking nature of the brushed aluminum inlay," the page read, before it was pulled. All that's left is a landing page toting Case-Mat's upcoming cases for the "iPhone 5/iPhone 4S" with no details given.

Rumours are reaching fever pitch, with Orange's boss today saying the iPhone 5 will touch down on 15 October. If the rumours are to be believed, the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen and an improved camera.

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Image credit: This Is My Next