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iPhone 11 teardown reveals more powerful battery, improved camera tools

The phone is packing some similar tech to the iPhone 11 Pro, iFixit says.

The iPhone 11 features a more powerful battery than the iPhone XR. 

The iPhone 11 may not be Apple's highest-end phone, but it's still packing some iPhone 11 Pro tech and a more powerful battery than the iPhone XR, an iFixit teardown has found. The phone was also found to have only one connector on the battery, leading iFixit to speculate that the two cables in the 11 Pro may have been for reverse wireless charging. That feature would allow users to charge other devices by setting them on their phone. 


The iPhone 11 shares some similarities with the Pro.


The iPhone 11 features a new double-decker logic board, just like the Pro model, which hasn't been seen on the mid-size line before, iFixit says. The teardown also spotted some features that lend themselves to the iPhone 11's improved camera. The device features the upgraded wide and ultrawide sensors and lenses found on the Pro and Pro Max. Those features allow for faster shutter speeds, a wider ISO range and Night Mode capability. 

The iPhone 11's battery is also smaller than the XR's battery, but has around 7% more capacity, the teardown found. 

The phone scored a repairability score of 6 out of 10, with 10 being easiest to fix.