iPhone 11 doubters reconsider: 'Did you say it comes in PURPLE?!?'

The Purple iPhone appears to be a grape selling point for some.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
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Shara Tibken/CNET

Sure, the new Apple iPhone 11, announced Tuesday at Apple Event, might be pricey, and it might look like it has a fidget spinner or a coconut attached to the back. But come on! It comes in purple!

That's not the only color, of course. The iPhone 11 comes in six hues, including yellow, white, green, black and red. But it was purple that royally caught consumer attention when the colors were announced.

For some, the purple hue might be all it takes to send them off to the Apple store. Wrote one Twitter user: "Ugh, why would I ever need the very latest iPhone, it can't be worth the mo—Did you say it comes in PURPLE?!?"

Admittedly, some aren't sure the color is deep enough to be called purple.

And the look of the phone turns others off. Wrote one Twitter user, "the audacity Apple has in making a cute purple color for the ugliest iPhone yet"

But while the iPhone 11 does come in purple, the fancier iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max do not, which bummed out some purple people-eaters. Wrote one Twitter user, "I'm sure the iPhone 11 Pro is nice and all but it doesn't come in purple and I'm a girly girl and I want pretty purple and yes that's how I make all of my adult purchasing decisions come at me bro."

But to be realistic about it, is anyone going to even see the purple through a phone case? "Does anyone actually see their phone?" wrote one Twitter user. "That purple phone is nice but then it just gets covered in a protective case."

And don't even try to sell it to those who are colorblind. "Everyone let me know how the new #iPhone colors are, because as far as my colorblind eyes can see, the green is gray, purple is blue, and yellow is just...light urine," wrote one Twitter user.

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