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iOttie's new chargers are designed for a multi-device world

iOttie's iON line includes new wireless chargers that support charging of multiple devices at the same time.

iOttie's upcoming new charging pads. Some have USB ports in the back to charge additional devices.
David Carnoy/CNET

Anyone with a phone invariably has accessories -- battery packs and wireless headphones, to start. And your average family kitchen has become a charging nexus, with everyone fighting over those one or two free outlets. But the default design for most chargers is still just a single USB-A port. It just doesn't make sense.

That's where iOttie's newest chargers are hoping to change things. The company has a few new wireless charging gadgets coming this spring, some of which also feature the ability to charge multiple devices at once.

The iON Power Station is due to arrive this summer.

David Carnoy/CNET

Here a quick look at what's coming, according to iOttie. No pricing has been announced yet.

iON Wireless Charging Pad (spring 2018): Features Qi wireless fast charging technology, heat reduction modifications, and an additional USB-A power port to support an extra smartphone. Comes in five fabric finishes.          

Fast Charging Mini Pad (spring 2018): Compact yet powerful wireless charging pad.            

Fast Charging Stand (spring 2018): Designed with a 65-degree tilt to allow for easy viewing of a smartphone while charging wirelessly.

iON Home Wireless Power Station (summer 2018): Charges up to 40 percent faster than standard Qi wireless charging and supports up to six devices and two small appliances. Once users adhere a thin metal plate to their Qi-enabled phone or phone case, magnets hidden under the front surface of the iON Home Wireless Power Station securely hold the phone in place for wirelessly charging. The Power Station also features a discrete cord-management system, a secondary smartphone holding tray, an ambient night light and more.

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