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iOS 4.1: Positive early reviews from iPhone 3G users

After Apple's investigation of complaints related to slowness and poor battery life when iPhone 3G users updated to iOS 4, early reports make it clear that iOS 4.1 has turned the tides for most.

After Apple's investigation into iPhone 3G users complaints related to slowness and poor battery life after updating to iOS 4, early reports make it clear that iOS 4.1 has turned the tide for most people.

Distraught iPhone 3G owners have been doing everything from frequent resets and restores to downgrading the iPhone firmware to version 3 all summer. Today's iOS 4.1 release has brought relief (and a lot of functionality) back to those users. Apple Support Discussions forum users as well as users commenting on CNET's article about the update have left several positive comments:

"After just 1 hour of use, my iPhone 3G seems a little bit faster than 4.02; Safari opens faster, Google maps is much faster, Skype (as told) works even if there is a message saying that is not supported. In any case Apple worked a lot on these 3G issues, I'm positive." -- Bugfixer (ASD)

"Thank You APPLE my iphone 3G is working again thx for the hard work. Its like it was on 3.1.3 mabe not as fast but alot faster then 4.0.2. " -- kentuckydiesel (ASD)

"My 3G is working far better now. I never complained here just read the 100 page thread over the last month, It's much better. " -- Chris Daily (ASD)

"As a 3G owner, may I just say: W00000T!!!" -- earthboundlink (CNET)

I personally did not encounter the performance issues that many of our readers iOS 4 on my iPhone 3G, but the new update does not slow it down either. For those of you that were reluctant to update your iPhone 3G or reverted back to iOS 3 after experiencing issues, iOS 4.1 seems to be a positive update.

Has your iPhone 3G performed better since updating to iOS 4.1? Let us know in the comments!