Apple to investigate iOS 4 problems on iPhone 3G

Some owners of the older model iPhone who upgraded to the most recent system software have complained of slowness and quickly drained batteries.

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Erica Ogg
Apple is said to be investigating user-reported problems on the iPhone 3G when loaded with iOS 4.
Apple is said to be investigating user-reported problems on the iPhone 3G when loaded with iOS 4. CNET

Some iPhone 3G owners who upgraded their phone to the latest iOS software have complained of slowness and shorter battery life. Apple now says it will be looking into the complaints.

That's according to what one spokesperson at the iPhone maker told The Wall Street Journal.

Since iOS 4 was released in mid-June, iPhone 3G owners have voiced problems with the phone seemingly grinding to a halt: slow keyboard response time, frozen unlock screens, and a battery that drains faster than with previous versions of the software.

One CNET reader told us, "The OS update has made my 2-year-old 3G massively slower in performing all tasks; it barely rings for 5 seconds before going to voice mail now! It freezes in typing, Web-browsing, and all other apps like it never did before iOS 4."

Apple's own support forums show hundreds of postings with similar complaints.

According to those customers on the support forum, Apple customer service has been telling 3G users to restore their iPhones to the factory settings, effectively downgrading their device to iOS 3.

A once-happy iPhone customer, who just installed iOS 4 on his iPhone 3G, has experienced slowness and stalling and says he'd be happy to roll back to his original firmware. He create this "tongue firmly in cheek" video comparing his phone to the first iPhone commercial.
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