iOS 14 leak shows what multitasking might look like on iPhone 12

A new video gives us an early look at what could be the next big iOS feature. Plus, new Apple products leak on Target's inventory system.

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Update, April 22: Read our iPhone SE 2020 review. Original story follows.

iOS 14 may finally usher in a new era of multitasking on the iPhone as shown in a new video, and  Target's inventory system could hold major clues about Apple's upcoming product line-up. In this week's Apple Core wrap, we're breaking down the biggest leaks of the week about Apple's plans for 2020. 

iPhone multitasking in iOS 14

Apple's next big iOS update is still months away, but this week we got a sneak preview of a multitasking feature that could come to the iPhone 12 and some older iPhones with iOS 14. Longtime Apple leaker Ben Geskin posted a video on Twitter and on 91mobiles.com showing an iPhone 11 running a grid view of app windows similar to the multitasking layout on the existing iPadOS.

People on Twitter responded to the post saying it could be a jailbreak tweak in the current iOS 13 which looks very similar, but Geskin maintains that it is an early version of iOS 14. He also posted a picture of the multitasking switcher page in the Settings that shows the different layout options available: Deck Switcher, Grid Switcher, Automatic and Minimum Viable Switcher. The jaibreak version of this feature doesn't list these options in the Setttings. 

Regardless of whether or not this video turns out to be legit, a multitasking feature on the iPhone would make sense, considering iPhone screens are continuing to get larger and more iPad-like. According to the latest rumors, the largest iPhone 12 will have a 6.7-inch screen. 

If Apple's past launch cycles are any indication, the company will announce iOS 14 at WWDC , its annual developer conference in June, and release it in September alongside the iPhone 12. 

Target inventory hints at new Apple products 

There have been plenty of leaks about Apple's next batch of products, especially now that we're closing in on Apple's rumored March 31 launch event. But this week, they're coming from an unlikely source: Target. 

A few different rumor sites, as well as YouTuber Jon Prosser, have posted images of some interesting new Apple products showing up on Target's inventory system. The photos, allegedly sent by Target employees, show a number of different products (not in stock) with "X Generation" in parentheses. 

The first one Prosser posted on Twitter mentions new AirPods X Generation with a $400 price tag. Considering the current AirPods Pro sell for $249, and the second-generation AirPods cost $159, the listing could refer to the rumored high-end over-the-ear AirPods. The most expensive Beats Pro also cost $399.

Also on Gen X listings: A new 10.5-inch iPad Pro , an Apple TV listed at $179 (the same price as the current 4K version), new Apple Watch bands for $49 and a new iPod Touch Gen X for $399. 

The most expensive iPod Touch available now with 256GB costs $399, but Prosser says it could also be a codename for the iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE 2) that's rumored to be launching in March with a similar price tag. 

According to Target employees, the retailer does post similar listings ahead of launches, but rumor site 9to5Mac says it could also be Target's speculation on what's rumored to be coming from Apple in the few weeks. Certainly the listings don't match Apple's preferred styling, with "Airpods" and "Ipod" having lower-case Ps.

Apple is rumored to be hosting its next big launch event on Tuesday, May 31, but the company has not confirmed this date.

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