iOS 10.2: Here are all the new features

Emojis, a TV app and a lot more gifts in time for the holidays.

Vanessa Hand Orellana CNET Senior Editor
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Vanessa Hand Orellana
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Apple released iOS 10.2 new features and bug fixes for your iPhone. It's a big midyear update that includes news emojis, a TV app and much more. Here's everything the update includes.

Editors' note: This post and above video originally rounded up features included in iOS 10.2 beta. At least one of the beta features -- emergency SOS -- was excluded from the public release.

1. New emojis

Your iPhone or iPad keyboards just got 72 new emojis with the upgrade to iOS 10.2 -- because we clearly haven't reached the peak of emoji communication just yet. This includes new professions (that include both men and women), more food essentials (avocado!), a face palm, a duck, a fox, a "fingers crossed" and a whole lot more.

Check out the complete list of emojis added as part of the Unicode 9.0 standard.

2. Save camera settings

Instead of defaulting to the original camera settings every time you launch the app, you can choose what mode or filter to open on.

To access scroll down to the new Preserve Settings option under Photos and Camera in the Settings and select which ones you want to preserve including the live photos features.

3. Resume your text from a quick response

Ever lost what you were writing in the quick response bubble when you switch to full screen in Messages mid-sentence? This annoying bug has been fixed in iOS 10.2, so you can pick off where you left off in your text when you click to open the full-screen message from the lock screen or preview.

4. More love and celebrations

There are also new love and celebration screen filters in the Messages app on iOS 10.2. To access, long-press or 3D-touch the arrow on the chat bubble next to your message, toggle to screen and swipe to the last option. The Sparkler animation comes complete with haptic feedback to help you get your celebration message across.

5. New wallpaper on the 7 and 7 Plus

If you have and iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you have three new wallpaper options to chose from for your background and lock screen. The options are water droplets in blue, pink and yellow, that move with the phone when you chose the "perspective" option.

6. A brand-new TV app

The new TV app Apple demoed in their latest keynote is included with iOS 10.2. The app is like a TV guide for movies and TV shows you own, streaming services and more. Here are 5 tips for getting started with the TV app.

7. Updated Photos, News and Music apps

A few apps got minor -- but very useful -- updates to run more smoothly.

  • The Photos app is better at grouping similar photos of the same person. Receipts, screenshots and whiteboards will no longer be turned into memories (whew). And more raw cameras are now supported.
  • Swipe-up (from the bottom of your screen) music controls now includes shuffle, repeat and Up Next.
  • News includes a new "Saved" section, where you'll find stories you saved for later reading. A new section promotes paid stories from channels you follow. And, you can now swipe left to go to the next story.

For the complete release notes, including bug fixes and other things you might not notice, go here.