Instagram's new 4-way group video chat lets you browse, too

Sure, FaceTime will have 32-person chat -- but you can keep using Instagram while you gab.

Sean Hollister Senior Editor / Reviews
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Sean Hollister

Instagram could be worth more than $100 billion, and has 1 billion users a month. So it's not surprising that the company would roll out its own group video chat service, separate from its owner Facebook.

What might surprise you: You'll be able to keep browsing Instagram while you chat with three of your friends -- thanks to a nifty picture-in-picture mode built into the app. The new feature is rolling out now for iOS and Android, the company announced Tuesday. 

Here's what it looks like, thanks to TechCrunch:

Sure, FaceTime will support 32-person chat and Snapchat has 16-person chat, but Instagram has something you can all do together.

Disclosure: Sean's wife works for Facebook as an internal video producer.