Everything from day 2 of Europe's biggest tech show

LG and Sony launched phones, and there were a bunch of new headphones and smart speakers.

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IFA 2017: The biggest announcements from Berlin's tech show

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The second day of Europe's biggest tech show, IFA 2017, has finally wrapped up. This is the last day before the conference officially opens its show floors tomorrow, and there were plenty of device announcements to go around, from phones and headphones to smart appliances and TVs.


Watch this: LG V30 hands-on: Big screen, new cameras, sloooow zoom

LG launched its V30 phone, which features a 6-inch OLED display, two rear cameras and wireless charging. It's the most premium phone from LG (just a notch higher than its G6 flagship) and is gunning against Samsung and its phones, like the newest Note 8. From what we've seen from the V30 so far, it looks and works great.


Garmin announced three new wearables. The $200 Vivosport is an activity tracker, while the Vivoactive 3 and Vivomove HR are smartwatches for iOS and Android, and start out at about $300.


Watch this: Sony's new phones are all about the cameras

Sony released a slew of things today, including three phones: the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact, which sport cool camera tricks, and the Xperia XA1 Plus. It sports a beefy 3,430mAh battery, which is expected to give you a lot of juice throughout the day. Sony also unveiled three types of headphones, a noise-canceling over-the-ear, a sporty neck-band pair of headphones and wireless buds. Lastly, there's the LF-S50G, a smart-home wireless speaker with Google Assistant.

Lenovo and Motorola

Motorola's Moto X4 is another one of the company's affordable mid-range phone, sporting a 5.2-inch screen, two 12-megapixel cameras and a Snapdragon 630 processor. Meanwhile, its parent company Lenovo launched a hybrid device that can dock its Tab 4 tablet while also being a smart home speaker.

Other news:

  • Toshiba released a smart TV that works with Alexa and will be available by the end of year.
  • Drone maker DJI launched the Mavic Pro Platinum, which adds new electronic speed controller and redesigned propellers that reduces noise and increases flight times.
  • Logitech has a new keyboard with a special dial that provides context-sensitive options for a specific set of applications, including Adobe CC versions of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.
  • Haier made a refrigerator that has five doors. And it's as weird as it sounds.
  • Imaging company Ricoh released a 360-degree camera.

Sharp's compact IntelliDos washer.


September 1: Day 1

On Friday, we're expecting news from appliance company Haier and Nanoleaf, which makes whimsical LED light designs.

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