Huawei's Siri and Alexa rival is a smart assistant named Celia

The Huawei P40 Pro will come loaded with the company's new AI assistant.

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Katie Collins
Huawei 'Hey Celia' screenshot

"Hey Celia" is the phrase you'll need to activate the assistant.

Screenshot/Katie Collins

Huawei unveiled its new smart assistant on Thursday during the P40 Pro online launch event. Meet Celia.

To activate Celia on your Huawei device, you'll need to use the phrase "Hey Celia," and the assistant will spring to life to take your requests. Celia will be able to search the internet via voice command, add items to your calendar and provide face-to-face translation, among other tasks.

Huawei is far from the only company with its own AI assistant. Celia is Huawei's equivalent to Siri (from Apple ), Bixby (from Samsung ), Alexa (from Amazon ) and Google Assistant. Huawei could previously load Google Assistant onto its phones, but following the US sanctions against the company that have prevented the two companies from working together, Huawei has put significantly more emphasis on developing its own software.

Huawei already has a custom-built smart assistant for its devices within China, but this is the first time it's brought the feature to the European market. Celia will come preloaded on Huawei's freshly unveiled flagship phones . According to Android Authority, Celia's default search engine is Microsoft Bing, but you're able to change it to Google Search if you so wish.

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