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Huawei Mate 20 Pro's three cameras put to the test in London

We even got a rare blue sky.

Andrew Lanxon headshot
Andrew Lanxon headshot
Andrew Lanxon Editor At Large, Lead Photographer, Europe
Andrew is CNET's go-to guy for product coverage and lead photographer for Europe. When not testing the latest phones, he can normally be found with his camera in hand, behind his drums or eating his stash of home-cooked food. Sometimes all at once.
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  • Shortlisted for British Photography Awards 2022, Commended in Landscape Photographer of the Year 2022
Andrew Lanxon
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We've taken Huawei's new Mate 20 Pro and its three rear cameras for a spin around an unusually sunny London to see what this superphone is capable of. 

The phone has a standard wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens and a new super wide-angle lens. It's the latter I was the most keen on. While the standard view is reasonably wide and gives a good sense of a scene, switching to super wide really opens things up and captures a huge amount of the view in a single shot. 

Here's what photos from the Huawei Mate 20 Pro look like

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The AI scene recognition we saw on the P20 Pro is back, quickly recognising what's in front of the lens (food, blue skies, trees and so on) and adjusting the settings accordingly. 

It's early days, but shots from the phone look vibrant and well exposed in my tests. Indoors, things became a bit more grainy, so I'm keen to properly test how this thing operates in low-light conditions. 

Keep your eyes peeled for much more on this phone coming soon.

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