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HTC One Max is a super-sized, 'print-scanning smart phone

HTC's super-sized version of the HTC One is official -- check out the specs here.

Update: We've given the One Max the full review treatment. Read our thoughts here.

HTC's long-rumoured One Max smart phone is finally official, and sports a 5.9-inch 1080p display, as well as a fingerprint scanner on the rear.

The phone has the same metallic style as the smaller HTC One, but will stretch your palms with its enormous dimensions.

It has the same 4-megapixel 'Ultrapixel' technology as its smaller sibling, while on the inside there's a 1.7GHz quad-core processor. Like the iPhone 5S, the One Max has a fingerprint scanner, but unlike Apple's mobile, this one is located around the back, by the phone's camera.

You can use that scanner to unlock the phone, or quickly open apps. The One Max also officially debuts HTC's Sense 5.5 interface, and -- at last -- lets you turn off the company's Flipboard-esque Blinkfeed app. You can also remove the back-plate to get at the battery, should it need replacing.

The One Max is powered by Google's Android operating system, and goes toe-to-toe with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

We'll have a full review of the HTC One Max ready for you later today, so stay tuned, folks.

The brand-new gigantophone should be on sale in the UK within the next couple of weeks. In the US, Sprint and Verizon will be selling the HTC One Max, though you may have to wait until November.

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