HTC Desire HD launch delayed a week, now expected 22 October

Glum news, HTC fans. The Desire HD has been delayed until 22 October, around a week later than its original release date, according to Vodafone.

Asavin Wattanajantra
2 min read

If you've pre-ordered the HTC Desire HD, prepare to wait an agonising week longer, as Vodafone has pushed back its release date for the new Android super-phone.

Vodafone originally set 14 October as the date for the smart phone's launch, but you should now expect it to arrive on 22 October, according to the Desire HD's pre-order page. Expect the same from other retailers, as they'll receive stock at the same time.

The Desire HD failed a last-minute Google Type Approval test, according to a message from the retailer Superetrader, via Android Police. This was apparently what happened with the original HTC Desire. As for the release date of its new brother, the highly anticipated Qwerty keyboard HTC Desire Z, that's unclear. But we'd expect it to come out not too long after the Desire HD.

The HTC Desire HD is almost certain to be one of the must-have phones this Christmas, carrying a souped-up 4.3-inch display, 8-megapixel camera and a refresh of the HTC Sense user interface. The Desire Z, meanwhile, has a physical Qwerty keyboard that pulls out on a nifty hinge. There's also a 3.7-inch touchscreen and a 5-megapixel camera.

We were all ready for the launch of the new Desire, especially since its new website, HTC Sense.com, went live last week. This new online service has useful functions such as the ability to find a lost or misplaced phone on a map. It also allows you to find recommended new apps and share them on your devices.

But alas, prospective Desire HD owners are going to have to wait a little longer. This means you have time to gander at HTC's three new Windows Phone 7 handsets, which we'll see for the first time today.