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HTC Trophy 7 leak is third Windows Phone 7 handset in a week

It's looking like Windows Phone 7's launch could see the debut of three HTC phones, with the Trophy 7 joining the HD7 and Mozart as handsets leaked in the last five days.

The HTC Trophy 7, an ultra-slim candybar-type touchscreen phone, has joined the growing ranks of Windows Phone 7 handsets that'll be available at launch.

A full list of specs was revealed by WMPoweruser (once again). It will carry a Qualcomm QSD 8250 1GHz processor, the same as the two previous devices we saw, the HTC Mozart and HD7. Like the others it has 8GB of memory on a non-removable SDcard.

The HTC Trophy 7 will have a 3.8-inch capacitive touchscreen. This is a smidge bigger than the 3.7-inch HTC Mozart, while the HD7 measures 4.3 inches. Camera-wise, the Trophy 7 has 5 megapixels, the same as the HD7 but lower-res than the 8-megapixel Mozart.

A roster of three Windows Phone 7 handsets at launch shows HTC is taking the platform terribly seriously. The HD7 seems to be the big boy of the three, the Mozart the best picture taker, and the Trophy 7 the slim, pocket-friendly option.

HTC is following its Android blueprint of releasing a slate of devices with their own particular features, meaning prospective buyers swayed by the operating system will be bound to find a handset suited to their needs. Whether they're as successful as the Desire, Legend and Hero remains to be seen.

We've no idea why details of these phones are leaking out so fast -- and all to the same blog -- but it would make sense if HTC was simply creating these leaks to increase hype. The names may well change, but we're approaching the likely 21 October launch, so we may well see these mobiles with us soon.

It's not just the hardware that's going to be what matters, but the way the OS runs on it. We already know with Android phones that HTC has the phone building thing down pat, but if they're not easy to use it'll all come to naught.

Image credit: WMPoweruser