HTC confirms Blinkfeed for other Android phones

As the HTC One M8 launches, Blinkfeed will soon be available to download as an app from Google Play even if you don't have an HTC phone.

HTC's Sense 6 interface includes Blinkfeed. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Blink and you won't miss it -- you'll soon be able to enjoy HTC's BlinkFeed on any Android phone or tablet, even if it's not an HTC.

As the brand spanking new HTC One M8 hits shops mere minutes after it was announced this week, HTC has confirmed that it will soon offer Blinkfeed as an app to other Android devices on the Google Play store.

Exactly which Android devices will be able to employ Blinkfeed is yet to be confirmed. HTC says the apps will be open to other devices "soon."

BlinkFeed is HTC's front end for Android, which pulls in news, events and social-networking updates into one front page. Along with the HTC Service Pack app, which upgrades your phone with new features without waiting around for a full Android update, Blinkfeed Launcher appeared in the Google Play store hours before the M8's launch.

Head over to Google Play to check out Blinkfeed and HTC Service Pack.

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