A closer look at the HTC One M8's features (pictures)

From a slick distance-sensing camera, Android KitKat, to a fresh interface, here's a look at what features you'll find inside the HTC One M8 smartphone.

Brian Bennett
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Dots with details

The DotView case costs an extra $49.99 but handily displays handy  info such as time and current weather.

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Answer or ignore

The DotView case lets you answer or ignore calls without flipping open its cover.

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Visual volume

Use the DotView case to see volume levels without using the One M8's screen.

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A slicker lock screen

The HTC One M8 features a new lock screen with fresh shortcuts. Swipe up to unlock, right for BlinkFeed, and left for your main homescreen.

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Color coded for freshness

HTC's Sense 6 custom interface now features themes built around colors to freshen up your Android experience.

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Phone talks TV

The HTC TV app uses the One M8's IR blaster to control HDTVs.

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Get alerts for shows

The TV app will remind you when your favorite shows are on plus switch to the right channel for you.

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Edit it with depth

Paired with the HTC One M8's depth-sensing second lens, the camera app lets you refocus plus edit the foreground and background of photos.

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The Lytro look

The Ufocus function lets you select what stays in focus and what does not for a classy Lytro-like effect.

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Add depth for drama

The HTC One M8's Ufocus ability helps you add extra depth and more drama even to otherwise blah office shots.

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Seasons greatings

The Seasons effect lets you add virtual objects such as snowflakes, cherry blossom petals (shown here), or other items to photos.

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Take sharper selfies

Equipped with a 5MP front camera, the HTC One M8 takes some pretty crisp selfies.

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Sketchy backgrounds

You have the option to add a simulated pencil-sketch background to pictures for artistic effect.

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Weather is where it's at

An HTC smartphone wouldn't be right without a full-featured weather app, and the One M8 keeps the tradition alive.

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