How to set up single sign-on on iOS 10

Apple's forthcoming TV app will use one log-in to rule them all.

Jason Cipriani
Jason Cipriani
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Jason Cipriani
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Apple 's new TV app is nearing launch but it's single sign-on feature is here -- and with it, the ability to rid yourself of the laborious process of repeatedly signing into every streaming app with every update.

Apple recently updated all iOS 10 and new Apple TV devices with support for single sign-on (SSO). The update was done in the background, without requiring an entire OS update as is usually the case when Apple adds new features. You can check to see your device has the new feature by opening Settings app then scroll down to the same section where Twitter and Facebook are located. A new TV Provider option will be present.

With SSO set up on your device(s), you can skip the sign-in process for the following streaming apps (assuming your subscription service includes access to the channel), according to Apple:

  • A&E (iOS only)
  • Bravo Now (TVOS only)
  • E! Now (TVOS only)
  • Hallmark Channel Everywhere (iOS and TVOS)
  • History (iOS only)
  • Lifetime (iOS only)
  • NBC (TVOS only)
  • Syfy Now (TVOS only)
  • Telemundo Now (TVOS only)
  • USA NOW (TVOS only)
  • Watch HGTV (iOS and TVOS)
  • Watch Food Network (iOS and TVOS)
  • Watch Cooking Channel (iOS and TVOS)
  • Watch DIY (iOS and TVOS)
  • Watch Travel Channel (iOS and TVOS)

Keep in mind, some of the apps listed above have received a required update to work with SSO, while others have not.

Adding to its benefit, SSO will also make it possible for you to use the new TV app to view and discover shows or movies in a single app instead of bouncing between apps.

SSO on iOS

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Open the Settings app on an iOS device, then scroll down to TV Provider and tap on it. Pick your provider from the list, then log in using the proper credentials. Currently, there are five TV providers offering support for SSO:

  • CenturyLink Prism
  • DirecTV
  • Dish
  • GTA
  • Hawaiian Telcom
  • Hotwire
  • MetroCast
  • Sling TV

After signing in, you can view a list of apps you have approved to access your subscriber information, as well as discover more apps with support for SSO.

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Launch a compatible app, tap on Sign In, followed by Allow. If you're already signed into the app, you don't have to log out if you don't want to.

SSO Apple TV

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You can sign into your cable provider on the Apple TV by opening Settings > Accounts > TV Provider and entering your credentials.

In the same way your iPhone or iPad, the Apple TV will show you a list of currently approved apps and provide a link to the App Store to discover supported apps.

To authorize a compatible app, open the it and scroll to the Settings page. Click on Sign In, then select Allow.