How to play the most popular iPhone game right now

BTS World has taken over the app store with the most downloads.

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Get ready to play BTS World. 

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First, BTS took over the music world. Now, the K-Pop group has also taken over the app world. BTS World, a new game for iPhone and Android, is the number one app on the platform, surpassing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (here's how to play the wizarding game, by the way). 

BTS World starts out with a concert ticket you've just won from an unknown sender. Originally, a picture of BTS was on the ticket, but now that's disappeared. You then meet BTS member RM, at his concert and he mentions Big Hit, an entertainment company (which you find out you work for). After your conversation, he appears on the ticket. 

Next, you meet Suga, who is waiting to sign a contract with Big Hit, of which you are now the manager. After Suga signs the contract, you notice his photo appears on the blank ticket, too. At this point, it becomes apparent that you'll have to get the rest of the group together.

Here's how to play the wildly popular iPhone game.

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Setting up BTS World on your phone

1. As soon as you open the game, you'll be asked for permission to receive notifications. Tap Allow and remember you can always turn these notifications off in your phone's settings. 


You can chat with BTS members!

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2. Next, you'll be prompted to enter your date of birth (you must be at least four years old to play so age verification is required to continue).

3. You'll get a message asking you to download the rest of the file. Enter your name to begin the download. It takes about 5-8 minutes to download the data, depending on your connection speed.

4. After the rest of the file installs, you'll Immediately get an in-game message from an unknown sender telling you to enter the BTS Concert Contest by dropping BTS a comment -- which, of course, you win and receive the concert ticket -- this will be part of the game (sorry, you don't actually get a ticket to see BTS). 

5. Then you can finally click Start Game.

Collect BTS members and cards

The game takes place in 2012, predating the real-life formation of BTS (the boy band formed in 2013), so none of the band members know each other yet. The goal is to "collect" or meet the future bandmates and persuade them to sign your label and form the group. Once you've got them to sign on, you'll earn a card with the band member's picture on it. 


Collect BTS cards to use in the game.

Screenshot by Katie Conner/CNET

In the first chapter, or level of the game, you'll start unlocking the BTS cards. These cards will be your way of progressing, and there's a total of 350 that you can earn. They're used to complete quests and you can level up the cards with coins and rewards that you've earned. 

You'll notice each card has a symbol in the corner, representing either empathy, stamina, passion or wisdom. Each quest will show a couple of symbols to give you an idea of which cards to select in order to achieve the highest score. For example, one quest may require 1,500 empathy points and 1,300 stamina points. In that case, you'd want to use the two cards with the highest points in those fields. 

You can gain more points on your BTS cards by completing the missions and quests, giving the guys daily tasks and completing Another Story -- an individual character story game that you can play. 

Completing stages

There are three types of stages that you'll go through in each level -- story, cinematic and mission stages. In the story stage, you'll follow along with a dialogue and you'll be given options for responding to BTS. Their reactions will vary, depending on how you respond, much in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure. The cinematic stages are clips of the BTS members -- not a lot of gameplay going on in this stage, but it doesn't last long.


Use BTS cards to progress in the game.

Screenshot by Katie Conner/CNET

Mission quests are where the cards you've been winning come in to play. When you start a mission quest, you'll use your wings (energy) and you're given a target score that you must reach in order to complete the level. Use the BTS cards you collected to reach the target score by seeing the level requirements (empathy, stamina, passion, wisdom). 

Assign Agency tasks to the BTS boys

Agency tasks increase the group stats so you'll have a higher score when completing quests. You can assign agency tasks to the boy band by tapping the plus sign, selecting Agency and choosing a task to assign. 

Some of the tasks include Composing Workshop, Hip Hop Dance Workshop, Daily Endurance Workout and Profile Members. You'll have to pay for each task with your game coins and you can choose Complete a task now by using your gems. 

Once they've completed the task, they'll receive more experience, but they'll lose happiness points. When they're down to level one happiness, they won't be able to complete any tasks. You can cheer them up by giving them items they enjoy, like a latte or a cheeseburger (but you'll have to win those items in the game first).

Completing world one

By the time you've completed world one, you'll have unlocked most of the important features to get the game rolling. 

You'll get more one-on-one time with the boys and you'll really be tested while you try to get the group to stay together. Think you're up for the challenge?