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Here's what it's like to have Elon Musk's old phone number

This woman has the Tesla CEO's former number and gets some interesting calls.

Elon Musk
Calls and texts meant for Elon Musk are ending up in the wrong place. 
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Lyndsay Tucker, a 25-year-old skin care consultant at Sephora, gets a lot of calls about bionic limbs and people volunteering to go to space. That's because her phone number once belonged to Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk

Tucker gets at least three calls or texts meant for Musk each day, she told NPR, in a Thursday report. That volume rises exponentially when he's involved in a scandal. 

Once, she told the publication, the Internal Revenue Service called trying to reach Musk regarding a tax issue. 

"I assumed I had messed something up," Tucker told NPR. "It was a huge relief they weren't looking for me."

Public records trace Tucker's number to a condo Musk once owned in Palo Alto, California, NPR reports. When he got rid of the number, AT&T randomly gave it to Tucker. Unfortunately, that number has been widely shared online as belonging to Musk.

In response to an email from NPR regarding the digits, Musk reportedly said, "Wow. That number is so old! I'm surprised it's still out there somewhere."

The mixup apparently forces Tucker to stay on top of the latest news around Musk.

"Whenever I see his name pop up in the news, I'm like, 'OK, I have to actually learn what he said because, chances are, someone is going to message me about it or call me about it,'" Tucker told NPR. "Even though I find it funny most of the time, it does get irritating sometimes when it's like call after call after call."