Google's Verified Calls lets you know why a business is calling before you answer

The new feature is rolling out for Android devices in the Phone app.

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A verified call, on the right, will offer more details about why a business is calling. 


Google on Tuesday said it's rolling out a new Verified Calls feature in its Phone app for Android devices in an effort to separate calls you actually want to answer from spam and robocalls. Verified Calls will show the business' name, a business logo, reason for calling and a verification symbol, Google said.

"We've been piloting Verified Calls for a few months, and the early results indicate that it improves the likelihood of someone answering a call," said Google product manager Gal Vered in a blog post Tuesday. "This in turn helps reduce business costs while identifying relevant calls to people in a trustworthy way."

Illegal robocalls continue to be problem in the US, with some scammers taking advantage of Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic by offering nonexistent medical equipment or fake testing kits. In March, the US Federal Communications Commission voted to require to require all companies that provide phone service to implement automatic call blocking technology to fight illegal robocalls.

Google has already taken some step to fight robocalls. A feature called Call Screen, which debuted with Google's Pixel phone line, lets users skip robocalls by sending them straight to the Google Assistant. It also lets users see a transcript of the call.

Verified Calls is rolling out initially in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and India. The Phone app comes preinstalled on some Android devices and will be available to download on more later this week, Google said. 

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