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Google Play for Android expected to get new features

An updated version of the Google Play app refreshes the interface and adds tweaks like an activity feed, according to one blog.

The Google Play 4.5.10 release offers new features and a slightly tweaked interface.
Android Police

Google is expected to roll out an updated version of the Google Play app for Android, according to Android Police, which hosts an unverified version of the app (download at your own risk).

The blog, which often gets its hands on early releases of apps, says that the 4.5.10 release brings a number of new features and enhancements, that it's more transparent and obvious for users, and that it makes it easier for Android owners to discover new apps.

Chief among the new features, Google Play will tell you if an app or game features in-app purchases. While it won't indicate the cost or how many transactions might be available, it lets one know that the free game might not be free in the end.

Reviews get a punch-up in the new release, as the five-star ratings system becomes more clear. We can say goodbye to the blue stars with black outlines and hello to the familiar Android green hue. For the first time, users will be able to edit reviews as well as delete from within the app.

Keeping in line with the Google+ experience, avatar images are now circles instead of square. Typography changes here and there also make for a cleaner overall interface.

One new addition to the Google Play app is the introduction of an activity feed. In essence, this lets users view and share a stream of your activities as it pertains to the Play store. Information shown in the feed figures to include ratings, reviews, and +1s, all of which can link through to a Google+ profile. If anything, the new app should help Android users discover new content and potentially meet new contacts.

According to Android Police, the app is ready to go and should slowly push out to devices in the coming days and weeks.