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Google's gold Nexus 6P is pretty pretty (exclusive hands-on)

Got a thing for gilded phones? Feast your eyes on the mellow champagne tones of Google's excellent marquee handset.

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If you thought Google's Nexus 6P couldn't get any better for the price, just wait until you see it in gold. CNET got an exclusive look at the gold version ahead of the CES trade show here in Las Vegas, and let me tell you, it's pretty. Luckily, you'll be able to get your hands on one quickly: it's already selling in Japan, it becomes available today in the US, and it will soon go on sale in the UK, Australia and Europe.

I don't want to overstate the case here -- turning the phone in my hand to catch the light, the gold color certainly shimmers off the chamfered metal edges. Its back panel softly gleams. But it's also no different from the mellow champagne shade you see on a lot of high-end metal phones these days. The color looks just as sharp as the rest and boosts the Nexus 6P's luxe factor. Other than that, it handles just like the Nexus 6P you may already know and love.

Both 32GB and 64GB versions will sell in early January in Google's store. In the US, you can also pick it up at Best Buy.

In terms of price and hardware, the gold Nexus 6P costs the same as the other versions, as it should -- $499, £449 and AU$899 for 32GB -- so you aren't getting slapped with a premium for a special-edition color.

The timing is good news for gold-lovers who need an extra reason to buy a Nexus 6P and bad news if you already own one. Still, kudos to Nexus-maker Huawei for pushing this out the door.